Saturday, August 16, 2008

Classes- Christmas Craft Extravaganza

Christmas Craft Extravaganza

Sunday 19th of October 10am-4pm
Lambo Art Studio & Supply
53 Government Road, Thornton 2322 NSW Australia
Cost $65.00 covers all 3 workshops materials and tools, morning tea
BYO lunch- see below for details on how to sign up

Learn to make 3 great Christmas Craft items, each lesson will be approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours long.
· Ethereal Christmas Angel –
With Wilma Simmons
You will make a beautiful hanging Christmas ornament Art Doll. Lesson will include making a polymer clay head from a mould and colouring the clay head with Lumiere paints or metallic rubs.
You will also make a unique piece of felted fabric using wool, silk, novelty fibres and organza and have the opportunity to embellish your angel with assorted beads and other items.

· Old Worldly Ornament
With Bobbi Oliver
Learn to alter paper with Glimmer Mist, rubber stamps, and other mediums and then decorate yoLearn to make 3 great Christmas Craft items, each lesson will be approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours long.
Unique Christmas Cracker & Box
With Jane Lambert
Learn to make a card and box using, beautiful Christmas paper, ribbons and embellishments.
Learn how you can combine all three processes from today’s lesson and create fantastic Christmas gifts.

Only 10 seats available. Non-refundable Deposit $25. Reserves your seat! Post check to address above.
Call for more information Bobbi or Jane 49663897

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Sculpture Class October 2008

Hi We want to invite you to read about our up coming Polymer Clay sculpture class Please read below for information-
25th & 26th October 2008
2-day Head Sculpture class 10am-4pm each day
(Morning tea, lunch provided)
8 maximum students

Day 1)
Morning - introduction to sculpture techniques, tools, anatomy. Students will create a polymer face -pin doll. Students will complete, face painting, decorating the pin doll face, with coloured polymer clay and mixed media. We will bake the clay creating a finished pin doll.
After lunch - Start the head for a cloth doll, with glass eyes (optional) learn to add hair to the clay before baking. Students will be able to take the doll head home to work on overnight.

Practice the basics of constructing the face, eyes, nose, lips, will explore adding teeth and finish with baking and more painting and additions of colour to enhance the facial features. Lecture on building your Art Doll body. What to do next.

After Lunch students will have the opportunity to bake the heads, paint and take home to build a doll. If not they can take it home and continue working on it. (With instructions on how to bake it)
Cost- $100.00 for the 2 day class includes morning tea & lunch
Basic Kit cost $45. Kit will include, 1 block of Super Sculpy, 2 basic hand tools, and assorted other tidbits
$75.00 deposit required to secure your seat. Maxium of 8 students per weekend

Classes will be held at (Lambo Art Studio) taught by Bobbi Oliver
53 Government Road, Thornton NSW (between Newcastle and Maitland, NSW Australia)
Ring for more INFO & booking 02-49663897 Email:
Space is limited to 8 students, materials list and suggested tools will be posted or emailed upon booking your seat in the class.NSW

Monday, August 11, 2008

Studio for Lambo Art

I am going to add some photographs here of our studio. It will show us in full swing and mess! There is always heaps of stuff sitting around. You need that in order to have a good selection of items to choose from to create your master piece. So come back soon and look at pictures of our studio in the works. It is a 6 metre square colourbond shed that we lined with gyprock, insulation, paint and fabric. We put in an Airconditioner that also heats so we can keep the climate reasonable and confortable. We even have running water! A novelity for me, only twice in more than 10 different studios over 30 years I have had the luxury of having running water. We also put sliding glass doors and windows where the roller doors were. It is quite cozy and we spend many weekends just creating in the studio. Now we need a shed just to store our staff of craft supplies and goodies. Hope you enjoy the look.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finally I have some pictures of the finished Sybil & Frances dolls. I discribed the theme in an earlier post. So have a look back. I plan so new pictures of the dogs and studio as well. So hang in there. for new stuff. Thanks for having a look! Please leave me a note if you have time. Bobbi

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

our pets that rule the house!

Wanted to share our pets with everyone so you can see who rules our house and the neighbourhood. They keep track of all the kids that walk by the house to school and all the comings and goings of every passerbyer.
Sasha, Harvey and Murtle are Papillions and all have won ribbons and Challenge points at the shows. Sasha is the mother of Harvey &Murtle and is 3 years old. Harvey and Murtle are just 12 months but only about 8 weeks in this picture. Bella is a Poodle cross Papillion, a Pap-a-doodle we like to call her. She is quiet one and the one always ready to move in on food bowls left unattended. Bella is nearly 6 years old!

Monday, August 4, 2008

all those pictures

I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures I posted. I am still learning how to arrange and put captions so bear with me. Let us know what you think! Thanks for looking!
Bobbi and Jane

Queen Bee top, and Tatoo girl both fabric dolls

The Shell Collector
1960's Child
Elf King

and Witch Hazel

Santa Claus
Teeny Bopper

Christmas Elf
the Opal Miner

Sybil and Frances Market Days

These dolls have been in the works for several months. Since I work full time I don't have great amounts of time to work on them. But also I need time to think about what I want them to become. I don't completely design or plan out my dolls in advance. They kind of just evolve as I work on them. I have a concept and then build on it as I look at them. I hope you enjoy Sybil and her hen picked husband Frances. I was thinking Middle Earth, or Middle Ages, elves and whimiscal characters! Iam sure you will agree when you look at them.

They are completely hand made using polymer clay for head, hands and feet, glass eyes. I make all the clothing and accessories. The horn and eye glasses are purchased! Beads, buttons etc as well. But clothing hats, shoes are all original. They stand around 18 inches tall. If you have questions please email me. They are for sale so if your interested let me know. They are one off originals!
I will add pictures very soon! I promise. Just as soon as I figure out how!

Our First Entry

Hi everyone, we thought we would try this blogging business and share some of our projects and things happening to us and around us. It is always so painful to send big photographs and you never know whose box is full and not. So now we can send you a link and you can come look at your le

Blog Archive

Patchwork Santa

Patchwork Santa
fabric santa stump doll, 16" tall for sale $175.00

Blue Pearl Witch

Blue Pearl Witch
16 inch cloth doll For Sale SOLD $175.00Au

The Queen

The Queen
14 inches tall, Pearls and mutiple embelishments free standing cloth doll $225.00 Au

Reaching for the Stars

Reaching for the Stars
polymer clay head wired fabric doll SOLD

Blue Skies Forever2 For Sale $380.00Au

Blue Skies Forever2 For Sale $380.00Au
Reach for you dreams!

Sybil & Frances

Sybil & Frances
the whole scene

Sybil head

Sybil head
grumpy brow beating ole lady

Sybil's feet

Sybil's feet


gentle scholarly fellow

Poppy & Penny

Poppy & Penny
original fabric dolls


more dolls

Santa #4

Santa #4
Green Santa For Sale See me on Etsy

Fairy Shoes

Fairy Shoes
Hand sewn & embellished doll shoes

Opal Miner

Opal Miner
14 inch tall Polymer mixed media Art Doll SOLD